Solana RANCH Elementary

Project Information : 13605 Pacific Highlands Ranch Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92130

Client : Solana Beach Elementary School District, Artist - Christie Beniston

The goal of this elementary school was to create a space where the children could come to learn.  TB Penick worked very closely with the Solana Beach Elementary school district, as well as the artist Christie Beniston. Overall this project was pretty easy going; our Superintendent Rich Robertson said, “This was a really fun project to do because of the ease, as well as the support we had from the artist Christie Beniston.”

Christie’s idea was to have one large artistic logo in the school’s gathering location. This piece was to be a functional art piece, where the students could go to enjoy but to also learn. The most artistic piece on this project was the circular logo because of all the systems incorporated within it. The piece had LithoMosaic, Lithocrete, Quarry Stone, Saw Cuts, and Staining. We were very excited about how all our systems came together.

The logo showcased the True North and South, as well as East and West for the kids. They also had longitude and latitude on the piece. This offered another form of learning to the kids.

Another cool system used on this project was the sandblasting of various animals. The animals were all drawn to scale, showing the kids a true representation of the animals, had they seen them face to face. Along the animals is our Quarry Stone finish.