T.B. Penick's Topping Systems

1/4 inch Topping System

Our 1/4 inch topping system is a specialty formulated polymer- modified topping system which is applied at a thickness of approximately one – quarter of an inch that will bond to any structurally sound substrate.

1/4" Topping is a system that employs the use of a hybrid polymer bond coating and the use of a modified cement mixture. Utilize our crack repair system and apply 1/4" Topping over the existing surface, 1/4" Topping will transform your old concrete to something fresh and striking.

1/4" Topping cures within itself, allowing you to traffic the surface within 24 hours. No waiting the normal 28 day period to apply our Reactive Coloration System. 1/4" Topping is extremely effective for interior applications where it is beneficial to delay the decorative concrete phase of construction until major construction is completed.

Older retail center, commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, municipalities, schools, museums can all benefit greatly from this durable facelift.

MTS system

The MTS system uses a paper-thin cementitious medium that is troweled on to create a canvas for unlimited artistic expression. MTS provides a durable, high-strength graphic display to any project.


projects featuring Interior systems: