T.B. Penick's Concrete Coloration Systems

Reactive Coloration system

Reactive Coloration is not a pigment, tint, or colorant. It is a chemical process in which metallic salts are mixed into a water/acid solution. The solution penetrates cementitious surfaces, reacts with the substrate, and creates mottled hues to change concrete into a unique and artistic surface. With this new medium of material, take your project as far as you want to go. From a basic one color wash to multicolor patterns with field and banding saw-cut designs or even intricate graphic designs. Reactive Coloration is an extraordinarily functional and economical concept that offers an unlimited range of options to fit any criteria or budget.

CFS Coloration

The CFS Color system is a unique, water-based, penetrating method that colors the surface of cementitious materials. The CFS system is highly effective in carrying pigments into concrete surfaces, and unlike other materials, CFS is non-reacting. There is no need to wait for the concrete to cure. CFS Color may be applied to the concrete within days of the pour.

With CFS Color, intricate and colorful designs can be incorporated into a project without having to conduct multiple pours. Change the color of your existing concrete. The CFS color System provides the architect, owner, or specifier with a cost-effective medium to produce vibrant colors from an unlimited color palette.


projects featuring concrete coloration systems: