Project Type:

Fenton Market PLACE

Project Information : Mission Valley, CA

San Diego’s Fenton Market Place utilized T.B. Penick and Sons’ Systems in installing 10 concrete finishes and nine concrete colors, resulting in 18 different concrete surfaces covering more than 110,000 sq. ft.
These finishes ranged from broom finish integral color concrete to Lithocrete® seeded glass aggregates with reactive colors. T.B. Penick and Sons, Inc. installed three different texture concrete patterns, six types of seeded materials, broom finish, sandblast finish, sandblasted patterns, and sand finish. T.B. Penick used various coloration techniques including integral colored concrete, color hardeners, and T.B. Penick’s own Reactive Coloration System.
The focal point of this highly acclaimed project was the food court. Abiding to the Lithocrete® System, Penick’s craftsmen hand-seeded bluish-green glass chips into integrally colored limestone concrete.
The concrete was then saw-cut with an intricate design of interlocking circles. Our Reactive Coloration System was applied to alternating panels to obtain the desired color and pattern.
Not only did Lithocrete® address cost factors and maintenance factors, The Lithocrete® medium gave the owner, contractor, and architect the ability to convey energy and excitement through the surface application for the food court. Thus, through Lithocrete® the food court has become the heart and visible interest point of the project.