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Project Information : Las Vegas, NV

For City Center T.B Penick collaborated with the MGM Mirage Design Group, landscape architects and contractor to create the decorative concrete walls of casino circle and adjoining water displays as well as the majority of the project’s exterior flatwork.

Penick installed over 10,000 yards of concrete, 480,000 SF Flatwork, which includes glass seeded Lithocrete, Bomanite imprint, and integral and gray broom finish concrete, and 10,000 Lf of pour-in-place walls, form liner and smooth finish walls, with majority of Penick’s work was completed within six months.

City Center officials were impressed with Penick’s work. Jen Miller, Project Manager for Tishman Construction Corp. of NV, the owner’s representative, expressed appreciation “for the time, effort, and quality you put into your work here at City Center.” She remarked that “the quality of the work is something I don’t believe Vegas has seen before, especially in public traffic areas.”

 Biff Sturgess, Senior Associate with the Office of James Burnett, the Executive Landscape Architect on the project, concurred, stating that “Penick’s work is above and beyond the other concrete work on City Center, and that has been noticed by all.”