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Highway 101


Project Information : Solana Beach, CA 92075

Client : City of Solana Beach

Awards : 2014 ASCC 1st place Multiple Applications >5,000 SF


A project that has taken years to design and develop is finally being enjoyed by the people of Solana Beach. The idea was to create places along the pathways leading from Dahlia drive down to Cliff Street there are eight places to enjoy throughout the pathways. The city wanted to promote wellbeing throughout Solana Beach.

The pathways leading from one place to the other were done with quarried stone finish along with saw cuts as an added decorative finish leading individuals from one place to the other. There were multiple applications done throughout this project, including Litho Mosaics, seeded aggregate, sedimentary walls, saw cuts, and stain.

One of the places created shows the constellations that the Milky Way passes through using handmade tiles created by a local Solana Beach artist Christie Beniston. The constellation was made to model the constellation as seen when Solana Beach became a city.  Christie Beniston included black stones in her constellation piece in case gum was left behind as a precaution.