T.B. Penick's Aggregate Finishes

Seeded Aggregate:

Seeded Aggregate's durable nature makes it perfect for large surface applications such as vehicular areas and porticos. It is also tough enough for heavy pedestrian arenas such as food courts and open-air malls. Round river rock or crushed stones 3/8 to 1 1/2 inch in diameter are exposed leaving a durable surface which prevents unsightly blemishes such as tire marks and scuffing caused by heavy foot traffic. Aesthetics-wise, aggregates can be used to create a natural looking surface, or to provide subtle accents to your project. By simply varying the colors or shapes of the integral materials in your concrete, a myriad of designs and hues become available. The need to add color is minimized because the aggregate components themselves bring about their own natural color and character. Coupled with integral color, its natural beauty is only enhanced. Aggregates can be utilized as a compliment to any other finish or system.

Exposed Aggregate

Functional, economical, and durable, the finish exposes aggregates already in the concrete readymix. Maintain the budget by adjusting the exposure of aggregates already in the mix design. Exposed aggregate is the most cost effective aggregate finish.


projects featuring aggregate finishes: