The LithoMosaic™ system is an innovative approach to mosaics and is the only system on the market that installs mosaics in a full thickness monolithic pour, allowing artists and architects to design vast mosaics that are no longer limited by scale. LithoMosaic™ also grants the artist the flexibility to create art at their own pace in the comfort of their own studio and empowers them with unlimited artistic control.

Unlike traditional mosaics that require insets, mortar, and grout, Lithomosaic is a monolithic system that combines the beauty of mosaics with the durability of Lithocrete at a fraction of the cost of other mediums currently available. This durability allows LithoMosaic™ to be installed in any climate unlike traditional mosaics that are vulnerable to freeze-thaw cycles.

The LithoMosaic™ system can be used in either flatwork or vertical applications and has the versatility to be used in conjunction with Lithocrete® and T.B. Penick’s Quarry Stone Finish to create stunning masterpieces with unrivaled longevity.


projects featuring LITHOmosaic: