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Dana Headlands


Project Information : Dana Point, CA

Client : Integration Design Studio

Integration Design Studio drew inspiration from the bluffs and chose Lithocrete® by T.B. Penick to complement the ocean view. The Strand Vista project features LithoMosaic fish embedded in laser cut metal frames created by artist Wick Alexander. Sixty-eight fish of eight different species native to area including marlin, crabs and garibaldi are represented in the paving. Gradations in color representing different ocean depths on the Lithocrete glass finish were created using a variety of blue glass. Aggregate and shells were utilized to create the beach and sand finishes. All of these materials were poured monolithically.

This was a difficult instillation with a cantilevered section on one side and limited access for seeding the gradations in glass. The cantilever was poured monolithically, the Penick crew was tied off and railings temporarily installed to ensure their safety. Bridges were used to span the different concrete sections and limited access limited the pour to only 5 yards at a time. Twenty foot long panels were poured in a hopscotch pattern. Special care was taken by the crew to ensure that the gradation pattern remained consistent from panel to panel. Due to high sulfate soil conditions, a 4500 psi mix with a lower water to cement ration was used which limited working time.

To make the illusion of the bubbles we had to do a particular process where we used a piece of plywood to move it as we seeded the fading look of bubbles.