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P742 BEQ Coronado

Project Information : Coronado, CA
Client : Hensel Phelps
Awards : Concrete Construction Magazine, Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Winners 2012

Hensel Phelps, JWDA, and RJC Architects partnered to design and construct nearly 200,000 square foot multi-story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) in Coronado, CA now called John W. Finn Hall. John was a sailor in the U.S. Navy who as Chief Petty Officer was awarded the U.S. Armed Forces Medal of Honor, the highest decoration for his actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The facility was built to USGBC LEED Gold Standards; achieving a 30% reduction as one of its goals.
The hall is part of the Navy’s Homeport Ashore Initiative designed to improve the quality of life for young single sailors by giving them a place to live ashore when ships are in port. HD concrete was chosen for its modern aesthetics, low life cycle costs, and ease of maintenance.
Coordination between the Hensel Phelps, T.B. Penick Structural and T.B. Penick ICS ensured a consistent finish that was cost-effective and adhered to schedule. The ready mix producer was chosen specifically for their aggregates which are in gray, black and white tones. HP was able to give Penick open floors. The initial grind was done wet seven days after the floors were poured. Floors were protected with Skudo in place of masonite which costs too much money to monitor and upkeep. The floors were given a final polish after walls were placed and painted. Penick gave the floors an exposed aggregate in community rooms; taking the floors to 1500 grit with 3000 twister pad. Stainless steel strips were installed after completion of final polish. All hallways and elevator lobbies on seven floors were taken to 400 resins.
Exterior site concrete also poured by T.B. Penick features broom finish and top seeded aggregate to match interiors.