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Project Information : Oceanside, CA
Client : IDEC Pharmaceuticals

When McGraw/Baldwin Architects had the concept of a roadway through the spine of the IDEC project, they came to T.B. Penick & Sons for ideas on how to make it possible.  The roadway would serve as the main connection between the buildings with both pedestrian and forklift traffic.  Our HD Concrete Flooring System was chosen for its low maintenance benefits, simplicity, and versatility.  A large mock-up was created at T.B. Penick’s facility.  It was used to finalize the desired look of the project. To create the roadway, extra aggregate is seeded in the center areas of the spine.   The entire area was then densified and polished to a 3,000 grit shine.  Bomanite® Micro-Top was used to delineate the “road” from the “sidewalk.”