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Fletcher Cove Park

Project Information : Solana Beach, CA
Client : M.W. Peltz & Associates

Fletcher Cove Park’s location had previously been an asphalt parking lot. Visitors to the cove are now greeted by a large glass Lithocrete sun and Litho Mosaic compass design that lie at the entrance.
The sun is a deep yellow and red offset by grey aggregates. The compass was created using beach glass aggregates and mosaic tiles. Landscape architect M.W. Peltz and Associates, concrete contractors T.B. Penick & Sons, and artist Betsy Schultz collaborated to bring the ocean-themed concept to life. The design features wave-like sawcuts and contrasting sand and shell texture to resemble the ocean shore.
Wave-like cutouts were incorporated into the walls and ampitheatre to create space for the artist’s handcrafted pieces. Sand-like Lithocrete Quarried Stone finish was juxtaposed with mother of pearl, coarse puka, coquina shell and Mexican abalone embedded Lithocrete. Brass terrazzo strips were utilized to further highlight the wave design. The result is a subtle and elegant walkway that complements the colorful ocean life art designed by Betsy Schultz which are integrated into the seat walls. A wood texture concrete boardwalk leads visitors from the entrance of the park to the edge that overlooks the cove. A pattern of adobe, buckwheat and ginger shades of Reactive Coloration stains define the basketball court. For the city and its designers, this project was a great success not only because of the aesthetic achievement, but thanks to the effective and professional collaboration between artist, designer, and contractors, the project succeeded in staying within budget.