T.B. Penick's Quarry Stone Finish

Achieved through a systematic process of exposing sand fines within the concrete matrix, Quarry Stone Finish offers a uniform and high quality finish that is elegant and beautiful. The result is a look of luxury without the cost. Unlike acid wash finish, T.B. Penick’s Quarry Stone Finish is an environmentally friendly process utilizing V.O.C. compliant water-based topical treatments to achieve a consistent finish without the blotchiness, acid burn, or inconsistency typical of an acid wash finish.

T.B. Penick’s Quarry Stone Finish is also versatile. It can be used to achieve different depths of exposure from a light finish, where only the finest sand particles in the mix are exposed, up to a sand-like finish which reveals both the sand and similarly sized course aggregate fines in the mix. T.B. Penick’s Quarry Stone finish can also be further enhanced with decorative saw-cuts patterns and is compatible with T.B. Penick’s Concrete Coloration System’s. Furthermore, T.B. Penick’s Quarry Stone Finish can be used in conjunction with Lithocrete to achieve amazing designs.