Surround yourself with ideas at our facility and showroom where we conduct ongoing research and development to ensure we continue to innovate and bring you solutions.

With 114 years experience, concrete is what we know. From specification writing, sample development, cost budgeting, and project installation, our concrete experts are available to offer knowledge and support.

Installing superior concrete paving involves a system: proper subgrade, formwork, reinforcement, joint control, finishing, sealing, and maintenance. There are no shortcuts to providing a high level of craftsmanship.

With masterful ingenuity in design, color, and craftsmanship for today’s concrete surfaces, T.B. Penick and Sons, Inc. is proud to present cutting-edge techniques, ideas, and inspiration for creating fresh new looks in architectural surface applications.

As proven experts in architectural concrete work, we exclusively offer the ICS Systems and products, and lead the industry in service, dependability, innovation, and quality craftsmanship.

No longer is concrete chosen solely for its utilitarian and durable qualities. Owners and architects are turning to concrete for the stunning decorative sensations produced only through the use of this cost-effective and enduring material.

From new construction to revitalizing existing properties, T.B. Penick’s goal is always to produce innovative, exciting products with the highest quality of work. From grocery anchored neighborhood centers, malls, and sports-themed and entertainment attractions, we strive to create hardscape elements that will dazzle the senses. From delicate intricacies of subtle mottled hues and textures to dynamic statements in bright bold colors, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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