Achieve the “concrete look” without concrete’s limitations with T.B. Penick’s Epoxy Cement System. Unlike concrete, the Epoxy Cement System can be installed at a thickness of 3/8” or more and is not susceptible to common issues such as shrinkage, curling, and cracking. The Epoxy Cement System also offers a faster pour-to-grind installation time and can be installed as a seamless floor without the need for control joints.

In addition to being the perfect solution to concrete’s limitations, the Epoxy Cement System offers designs, patterns and colors in an infinite array of artistic statements! It can be poured in any color palette and can be enhanced with the use of decorative materials such as marble, quartz, glass, shells, or other suitable chips. It also offers the flexibility to control the coverage rate of the decorative material from 0-100% of the surface and can be used to achieve a less “busy” look. It can also be further enhanced by utilizing zinc, brass, or bronze to create grid patterns, intricate logos, or emblems that can add detail and complexity to any design. 


projects featuring Epoxy Cement System: