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Ventura Harbor Village

Ventura Harbor Village is a vibrant seaside attraction located by the beaches of the Channel Islands. It is a popular tourist attraction which features 35 seaside boutiques, art galleries, waterfront restaurants, entertainment venues, and more.

T.B. Penick was involved with the third phase of the ongoing Harbor Village beautification project which included transforming the large entry area into a modern visitor-friendly area with seating, bistro tables, planters with palm trees, and artwork, including an interpretive map of the Channel Islands inlaid into the decorative paving. Other improvements include a grand staircase flanked with decorative pilasters and walls, new entry signage, and a firepit.

We worked closely with the landscape architect to take their concepts and turn them into a successful installation utilizing our Innovative Concrete Systems. The Lithocrete Sedimentary system was used to create the Monument wall at the Village entrance and the pilasters and seatwalls that surround the plaza circle.  

At the plaza’s center, bronze inlays of the Channel Island map was set into the Blue Glass and Coquina Shell seeded Lithocrete and surrounded by stainless steel terrazzo strips. The area adjacent to the map features Blue glass and Puka Shell seeded Lithocrete that transitions into a quarry stone finish. Salt finish was used throughout the project with kelp patterns sandblasted into the surface and stained using our Concrete Coloration Systems. Lastly, quarry stone finish was used at the grand staircase with tile set into the face of the stairs.