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Project Information : 500 Sea World drive, San Diego, CA 92109
Client : SeaWorld San Diego
Awards : 2015 ASCC 2nd Place Multiple Applications > 5,000 SF

In honor of SeaWorld’s 50th year anniversary they wanted to recreate their front entrance. They wanted something innovative to take their guests on an underwater adventure.  To create this a wave was placed above the entrance into the park to indicate to visitors their first step to diving underwater. Greeting guests underneath the wave are four touching pools, this is where guests have the ability to interact with different underwater creatures. 
 To help create this design, TB Penick came up with the idea to have quarry stone make up the land and sand leading visitors up to the wave. With waves of Lithocrete glass signaling the shoreline and ocean. These Lithocrete glass waves were very difficult to create because of the process that went along with them. The crew had to create the waves in parts. The GC gave Penick different sections of the park to work on, so when it came time to do the next section of the wave they had to make sure everything lined up perfectly creating difficultly to the project.
Along with Quarry Stone and Lithocrete Glass, TB Penick also created all of the curbs and some of the walls. Another cool element to this project was that the crew imprinted actual plants from the site into the Quarry Stone to showcase the outline of the surrounding plants.
Some of the other difficulties we faced were that the crew had to work while the park was still open. This meant that the crew had to go through side entrances and fences to get to the sites.