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Architect : CA Group, Inc.

The Las Vegas Showgirls sign project is a new gateway sign that welcomes travelers to downtown Las Vegas and provides pedestrians with an opportunity for a selfie. It’s also part of the City’s larger Main Street project. It features the words “Las Vegas” in color-changing, 12 foot-tall letters and is flanked by two 26-foot-tall showgirls that were modeled after the showgirls that would accompany former Mayor Oscar Goodman at public appearances. It also features oversize cast-in-place concrete poker chips and dice and a large roulette wheel in the hardscape. Steel bollards surround the site to protect the area because the last landmark sign in downtown — a scaled-down version of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign — was plowed over by a motorist back in 2016.

We were brought onto the project by Las Vegas Paving due to our extensive knowledge of decorative concrete. They asked us to help turn the city’s design-intent into reality and to do it within the extremely tight deadline of approximately 30 days. The work needed to be done before the grand opening and required us to fast-track our sampling process to get approval before we were able to move forward on the project.